Measurable Goals

The principal reason for this blog is personal goal tracking for our family. The three categories of focus are Remodel, Retire, and Relax.  This is what I have decided to be our major milestones towards Planned Personal Freedom.  As life progresses, you can track our current goal status  below.

Our Story

Our story is just beginning. We will be updating past events over time, and hope to share upcoming adventures as close to real-time as possible. We really hope to grow a community of like-minded people as we share our goals and experiences with you.

You will find we are not so different than many of you. We believe life is precious and as we pursue our road to financial freedom hope we can learn from many of you along the way.
Dive In!

Remodel Italia

We live in times of economic struggle, perhaps more so in Italy. The world's desires for bigger, better, and newer, often leaving broken properties in their wake. We are on a mission to restore these homes to their once warming aura. Check below to see updates on our current Italian renovations.

Healthy Retirement

The road to retirement can be exciting. Full of both successes and pitfalls. Though the journey is long, the experience is always worth it. Come follow our road to retirement and experience the journey with us.
Money Management
Reaching retirement is largely based on who you choose to trust to manage your nest egg. I say, 'Who cares more about your money than yourself?' (Maybe your kids... haha) Check out the blog to learn who helps us with our money management needs.
Everyone likes seeing an upward trend in their account because it depicts having made good investment decisions. That's great for the past, but what about the future? Setting measurable goals and consistently pursuing them works for my family!
Time is your ally
For years I taught families about NOW being the time to invest. Truthfully, the best moment for investing is long past. Don't get caught up playing catch up for the rest of your life, Start an investing strategy today! Need tips? Join our community and let's do it together!
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Team DauvO

It's always better to put a face with a name. Meet our growing family! We hope you are enjoying your visit, come see us again soon!



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      Relax Often

      Though last in our order of objectives, It is not in last place. Spending time with family is key in having a rounded sense of purpose and achievement. Our goal is to hustle, without neglecting family time. Perhaps we won't achieve all our travel goals. At most we'll fail as a family.
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      Share your stories with us!

      If you have stories on your path to financial freedom you'd like to share, contact us using social platforms or from the contact page!
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